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Why HeySportsFans Fantasy Football Is More Fun

FREE Trades All Season. Stop losing to guys who can afford to buy their way to the top. Other contests charge for trades and roster moves at upwards of $2 - $10 a pop. At HeySportsFans, it's one low entry fee with nothing more to buy. May the best fantasy football player win, not the one with the deepest pockets.

Lots and Lots of Winners. At least half of all teams win, guaranteed! Not like the mega-sites where there's hundreds of thousands of players scrapping over "one grand prize and a bunch of t-shirts." Plus very generous prize payouts, up to 90%. How much does your current league give back? If you're not sure, maybe you should ask.

It's Fast & Easy. Play in just minutes a week. No draft, no salary cap, no complicated rules. Perfect if you're a casual player, have a busy schedule or are already playing in other leagues. It's a game, not a new part-time job. 


League Type



High Stake

Entry Fee




Teams per Division / League

24 / 96

24 / 48

8 / 8

Real-Time Stats Option




League Winners

$200 plus:
$500 plus:$1200

Division Winners:

1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
4th Place
5th - 6th Place
7th - 12th Place
17 Weekly Winners

$50 Gift Certificate
$25 Gift Certificate
$10 Gift Certificate
$10 Gift Certificate

$100 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate
$50 Gift Certificate
$25 Gift Certificate

$league prize above$

$25 Gift Certificate

Prize Payout




Number of Prizes

29 per 24 teams*

29 per 24 teams*

21 for 8 teams*

How To Play

Fantasy Football League Consumer Guide

Pick 10 players each week. No draft, no salary cap. Pick a completely new team each week if you like. They play, you rack up points. To view this year's player groups start here. To see the easy scoring system click here.

2 Quarterbacks

2 Running Backs

2 Wide

Tight End

Place Kicker

2 Team Defense / Special Teams

Become A HeySportsFans Bounty Hunter

Earn $5 for every new player you get to sign up for HeySportsFans Fantasy Football. Learn more about our
Bounty Hunter Program here.

How I Taught My Mom To Play Fantasy Football

If you're new to the fantasy scene be sure to read
How I Taught My Mom To Play Fantasy Football. It includes practical tips for beginners and lots of tongue-in-cheek humor experienced players will appreciate. And it's all based on a true story! Mom will be participating again this season, so you may find yourself matched up against this fantasy football wizard. Each week one team is randomly chosen to go up against Mom in an intense struggle for domination. Beat her and win free entry into HeySportsFans Playoff Fantasy Football, value $10.

Can't Access Our Secure Sign-Up Pages?

If you are unable to access our secure sign-up pages, please view our recommended browser security settings. It's very simple and takes just a minute to make the proper adjustments.

* In the event there are fewer teams in a league than indicated, prizes will be adjusted to maintain the payout percentage per the official rules.

Even if you choose to play elsewhere, we invite you to view our free Fantasy Football League Consumer Guide. Included are inside tips and hidden secrets intended to help you get the best value for your fantasy league buck. These simple guidelines could save you from forfeiting hundreds or thousands of dollars in prize money at the end of the season! A must read.

What Our Players Say

"HeySportsFans is my favorite fantasy league ever. The friendly service and the free trades will keep me here for years to come. I love you guys!" Leslie S.

"HeySportsFans Fantasy Football is great. The scoring is fair, the price is right, and you don't have to be Albert Einstein to pick out your team. You just have to know about football. I'm a player for life." Tim N.

"Not many leagues tell you the whole story before you start, and before you know it, it ends up costing a fortune. HeySportsFans is the real deal!!!! Great job guys!!!!! Timothy C.

"I am a first timer in Hey Sports Fans and I must say the look and feel of this site is great, it is so easy to understand. Best of all we can all be competetive with the free trades ALL SEASON. Finally a fantasy league that you don't have to buy your way to the top." Leon G.

"This fantasy game is just plain out awesome. It ranks higher than all the other leagues that I've played. The free trades every week just keeps you wanting to play more. This game is addicting!" Ryan O.

"I found it easy to navigate and play so I would recommend it especially for newer or first time players." Glenn S.

"You don't get stuck in a league where your draft didn't work out and you're hosed for the whole year. You can pick the best players each week." Guy G.

"HSF is my favorite fantasy league. I look forward to playing every year!" Anthony C.

"How can you play anywhere else? It's the best damm fantasy game period." Chris J.

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